FLAIM Trainer

VR firefighting training platform

UKI Robotics Software

Making the Utility Kinetic Insect move

The Unknown Patient

Award winning VR narrative

Virtual Verdict

Explore the future of Law

Living Landscapes

Paint and plant your virtual tree in a David Hockney inspired garden


Generative art from brainwave activity

Bombing of Darwin

Relive the drama of the Bombing of Darwin Harbour that rocked Australia in 1942.

Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel

Step into the memories of Willie McNeive and experience a moment that changed Irish history forever

The Turning Forest

A fantastical narrative VR piece exploring the themes of childlike wonder, loss and adventure.


We are a Melbourne based creative tech studio with a wealth of experience creating bespoke software solutions for a variety of award winning projects. Our team of coders, artists and designers are always pushing boundaries in the world of cutting edge technologies. From VR firefighter training that is used in 15 countries, custom 360 VJing software for Glastonbury Music Festival to developing experimental VR narrative driven experiences, we have the broad skill base and experimental mindset needed to integrate cutting edge technologies into any project.

The Lab

Light dual

2 player retro futuristic light battle


Real-time visual synthesizer


Hack the mainframe