Produced by AIRBAG for Village Roadshow via Isobar Melbourne.

Power Rangers #rangertraining was a public activation designed to coincide with the release of the Power Rangers movie in Australia.

A fun, interactive experience, #rangertraining made it possible for members of the public to step into the shoes of the Power Rangers and battle it out against hordes of rock monsters.

Produced under AIRBAG’s Director Adrian Bosich, we provided developer resourcing and expertise in public interactive works, supporting AIRBAG’s high quality 3D production team. This project was delivered polished, stable and on an incredibly tight timeline.

Developed using Unity and the Kinect SDK.

Client: Roadshow Films
Digital Agency: Isobar Melbourne
Production Company: AIRBAG
Creative Lead: Adrian Bosich (AIRBAG)
Development: Brad Hammond & Stephen Burns (EXP)