Living Landscapes

Produced by AIRBAG and SDWM for LaTrobe University, to coincide with the David Hockney exhibition, which ran on NGV Friday Nights from from January – March 2017.

Living Landscapes was a public Augmented Reality installation that allowed participants to paint and plant their own trees in the style of David Hockney in a 3D virtual garden.

Working alongside AIRBAG’s creative technologist Steven Nicholson, we provided developer resourcing to ensure that this project was delivered in a polished and stable state on a tight timeline.

Developed using Unity, Vuforia, custom built .NET server and .php based web services.

Client: LaTrobe University
Creative Agency: SDWM
Production Company: AIRBAG
Creative Lead: Steven Nicholson (AIRBAG)
Additional Development & Support: Brad Hammond & Stephen Burns (EXP)