Creative Technology Solutions


Level up your public activations

Clocking up over 15 years of combined experience in software development, video games and public interactive installations, Brad Hammond and Stephen Burns of EXP can help you bring your creative ideas to life.

EXP brings its passion for creativity into every project, encouraging audiences to explore the nexus between the real and digital worlds. To date, EXP has successfully provided new technology solutions for a range of industries spanning the education, arts, marketing, health, and gaming industries.


With the capacity to operate as an independent production house or in consultation with existing teams, EXP provides end to end project services including:

• software and product development
• interactive marketing activations
• public space installation works
• workshops and education
• in-house App & VR Development


• Engines: Unity, Unreal Engine 4
• Frameworks: Processing, openFrameworks
• Languages: C# .NET, C++, Javascript
• VR: Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Daydream and HTC Vive


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